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Travis Jayner

Fun Comes First 2010 Olympic Medalist Short Track Speedskater Loves Art, Music, Design, Fashion, Photography, Architecture, Landscapes, Cars & Skiing

- Speedskating - Short Track - Olympic Speed Skater (US)
7,146 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 01-17-2010


travisjayner Awesome #LaborDay morning on the short track. #shorttrack #speedskating #love #skateeverydamnday #skate #athletelife
travisjayner So lazy after running the @USANAFoundation 5km early this morning & then skating 100 laps in short track at @UtahOlympicOval @TeamUSANA
travisjayner No, thank you guys for the opportunity to speak & the continued support. @TeamUSANA “@USANAinc: @travisjayner You were great! Thank you!!”
travisjayner RT @uwannausana: #teamUSANA athletes, including "the mustache" @travisjayner, just killed it on the #USANA14 stage! Wooo!
travisjayner Had so much fun speaking in front of this incredible crowd today. Thank you @usanainc for the… http://t.co/Ncn0xE0xcz
travisjayner Late night speech prep. Looking forward to chatting with 10000 of my closest @USANAinc friends tomorrow. @TeamUSANA #USANA14
travisjayner Because sometimes the yard you're working in has a turkey. #gobblegobble #turkey #landscapelife #alderlandscaping http://t.co/1TyL8psG6M
travisjayner RT @JNCSpence: There needs to be a 24/7 #simpsonsmarathon channel. It's genius. Thanks @FXXNetwork !
travisjayner Never a great sign when you're trying to plant trees. 3 sprinkler lines are going to be tough to move. #makeitwork http://t.co/YhRpDf3zxj
travisjayner Nine 25 gallon trees & a 45 gallon tree to plant by hand today. This might take a while #alderlandscaping #plantatree http://t.co/JDxhvnKy2t
travisjayner Love seeing @usanainc roll out the red carpet for their Million Dollar Club. @teamusana #usana14 http://t.co/Jt5XhCh8OI
travisjayner I heart Colorado. #colorado #mountains #sunset #cloudporn #countryside #roadtrip #nofilter http://t.co/LcQBOaph4y
travisjayner Take that Vegas. We win! jagarcia_23's photo http://t.co/7rK8tImnm2 #bros #zztop #billygibbons
travisjayner Road trip w/ @jagarcia23 #roadtrip #openroad #sunset #cloudporn #nofilter #utah http://t.co/sCfdMKrO1r
travisjayner I don't know why I get out of the habit of going to yoga because every time I go I feel rejuvenated & ready to take on the world. #yogi #zen

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