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Ben Spies

I ride motorcycles... MotoGP Rider, '09 WSBK Title, Multi-title AMA Champion, Cyclist, Team Owner, Restauranteur, Philanthropist, Sushi & Cheesecake Devourer

- MotoGP - Racer (US)
2,647 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-27-2011


BenSpies11 Awesome race today. Shame for Jorge and congrats to Vale. Win of the day has to go to the Ducati team and crew from this offseason work!
BenSpies11 And yes personally I'd be happy for dani to get back on top and getting wins
BenSpies11 The ducatis are just a question...people will say what about race distance? It's a complete diff bike so everyone is in the dark even them
BenSpies11 Honestly the ducati's don't even know the full potential. They could have closed the gap or what if they might be better?!
BenSpies11 Gonna be interesting first race. Marquez is Marquez. Jorge has been fast but under the radar. The ducatis are there and Rossi.....

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