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Ben Spies

I ride motorcycles... MotoGP Rider, '09 WSBK Title, Multi-title AMA Champion, Cyclist, Team Owner, Restauranteur, Philanthropist, Sushi & Cheesecake Devourer

- MotoGP - Racer (US)
2,558 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-27-2011


BenSpies11 Switching subjects...lets talk about the marquez family. Glad old man marquez didn't have another kid or they would have won all 3 classes!
BenSpies11 “@cathryng23: @BenSpies11 don't remember you ever doing well enough to be in his position so this tweet is irrelevant.” Laughing at this ;)
BenSpies11 Someone was a sore loser in Moto 3 today....
BenSpies11 Always Inspect brakes and tires before riding. Wear light colors or reflective clothing to be seen easier by drivers #ElbowzBikeSafeTxDot
BenSpies11 Had forgotten about Wsbk this weekend but my mouth was on the floor with @TheRealTomSykes and @lorisbaz results yesterday
BenSpies11 Just watched Moto3 qp......They need to start handing out fines in grid positions or money to all the guys in 1st gear down straightaways

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