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Ben Spies

I ride motorcycles... MotoGP Rider, '09 WSBK Title, Multi-title AMA Champion, Cyclist, Team Owner, Restauranteur, Philanthropist, Sushi & Cheesecake Devourer

- MotoGP - Racer (US)
2,521 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 02-27-2011


BenSpies11 Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I've made it 3 decades without growing up!!!!
BenSpies11 @BradleySmith38 haha that's about what my clothes are getting to these days lol!
BenSpies11 @BradleySmith38 watched the press conference today. I think u left your sticker on your hat! That was 5 years ago ;) good luck mate
BenSpies11 @AdamBlythe89 la pizzaccia is the best pizza place and one of the best I've ever had. El gato Nero is a really nice place halfway up bisbino
BenSpies11 So @marcmarquez93 can take 2 races off for a extended summer break and still almost have a race lead...
BenSpies11 RT @janey8572: @BenSpies11 @benspiesfanclub Hubby's new lid. I'm not jealous. Asked him why he chose BS; "cos he's a dude" Yup. x http://t.…
BenSpies11 Thanks @velonews for the nice words!Excited to be teaming up with the state of Texas to promote safety and awareness.http://t.co/dCwd4DxMv5
BenSpies11 RT @stefanrothe: RT @velonews Former Moto World champ @BenSpies11 channels his passion for cycling w/ elite amateur team @elbowzracing http…
BenSpies11 RT @GoogleFacts: A (metric) shit-ton is approximately 264.2 gallons of people shit.
BenSpies11 RT @elbowzracing: Check out our full gallery of photos from the North Star Bicycle Festival. Special thanks to Ash Duban for the... http://…
BenSpies11 Stoked for the North Star Bike festival. Due to a injury @JeremyPowers is guest riding and gonna come play with @elbowzracing
BenSpies11 RT @JeremyPowers: Flew home yesterday for a photoshoot this AM - then flying to NorthStar GP to ride w/ @benspies11 & his Elbows racing tea…
BenSpies11 Having a dig up cry baby hill at Tulsa Tough. 3rd place in the 1/2 race. #iamspecialized http://t.co/ko9GLwE5Q5
BenSpies11 Nice to see @lorenzo99 back riding in good form. @marcmarquez93 is just a beast. Finally a great race to watch!
BenSpies11 Very sad to hear the news of Emily wheeler...she's fought a very long time. She's in peace now. Lots of love and prayers @automotophoto
BenSpies11 RT @Bartolimichi: @BenSpies11 anche io ero con un mito ed è stato un onore.....!!!

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