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Michael Waltrip

This is a happy place. ??

26,912 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-24-2009


mw55 The @ChicagolndSpdwy @ChicagolndSpdwy starts @nascar @nascar #chase #playoffs #win
mw55 Proud to see @MWRteam partner @JanssenUS sponsoring http://t.co/L334ne3Rxm @ChicagolndSpdwy @ChicagolndSpdwy Hope to see #mwr in Victory Lane!
mw55 Global TV interview shortly. Doesn't that sound Ron Burgundyish? @CastrolRaceway #Canada
mw55 I believe the whole world knows I love me some @TimHortons The good folks from @CastrolRaceway greeted me this morn! http://t.co/KZMti1coAZ
mw55 I come to your country looking for coffee and dirt. @TimHortons @CastrolRaceway eh!
mw55 Hello Canada. I'm from America. I come in peace ????
mw55 Hey @jrodfromoz it's a year later and I'm back in #canada Where are you my friend? I might need a ride down to the honkey tonkey. #donkey
mw55 It's the worlds greatest race. Thanks for the reminder??.... @ChrisBennett017: @mw55 born in 81. Lol But watched you win 2 Daytona 500's!”
mw55 RT if you were a part of Apollo High School class of 1981.
mw55 Class of 1981 Apollo High School. ..... @Cratusllc: @mw55 @SteveByrnes12 class of 81 stuff right there.”
mw55 Reunited and it feels so good. @SteveByrnes12 #PeachesandHerb
mw55 RT @AaronsInc: RT if you get head of the table seating privileges.
mw55 @Kenny_Wallace sometimes, at night, I'd put it on and pretend I was you Herm.
mw55 Golfing w Darius makes every shot a good one! #WheredThatGo #WagonWheel http://t.co/1ybp1HM1Wi
mw55 Start the day in Banner Elk end in it Edmunton, Canada. 2 of my favs. Going dirt racing tomorrow night @CastrolRaceway Hey y'all watch this!
mw55 Yes!... @Kenny_Wallace: WE race DIRT this Wednesday in Calgary Alberta Canada at Castrol Raceway, Will you be there? EH!
mw55 Great. Miss @Macy_Waltrip is coming too. 1130a..... @CaitlinWaltrip: @mw55 I would love that. Me & the boys will join!”
mw55 Taking mammaw chicken tomorrow. Join us!... @CaitlinWaltrip: @mw55 miss you!! Xoxo”
mw55 The @ims @NASCAR race had more twists and turns than an old beach roller coaster @LukeBryanOnline
mw55 4-777 = 0 ego. And Im happy!... @TheOrangeCone: I love people whose ego far outpaces the stats on the back of their baseball card.

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