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Michael Waltrip

This is a happy place. ??

28,734 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-24-2009


mw55 You will hear a lot from @BubbaWallace racing forward. Just not tonight!
mw55 RT @EmmaSlaterDance: Just listen to my partner talking to his friends in Texas about how happy doing Dancing with the Stars… http://t.co/EB…
mw55 I'm positive they'd rather see you up there @EmmaSlaterDance Take a pic w 1-800-868-3409 ???? @DancingABC
mw55 #BigHoss is operated from here. The fine folks in charge said if I tweeted a #selfie Id get on TV! @TXMotorSpeedway http://t.co/RWaY9iQXgx
mw55 RT @NASCARonNBC: Late lap puts @BrianLVickers atop first Sprint Cup practice at Texas http://t.co/6UUF06KHkL http://t.co/6UUF06KHkL
mw55 Last night @emmaslaterdance and I got our first 10s! Thanks to and all our wonderful foxsports1 Truck… http://t.co/B4pTSPWrMh
mw55 RT @EmmaSlaterDance: This makes me laugh so much, here's @mw55 almost running onto stage at the wrong point in our team… http://t.co/Peuanu…
mw55 My fav thing to do these days is to introduce @EmmaSlaterDance to the @nascar fans. Everyone is so nice and polite. http://t.co/cg1m23408e
mw55 I'd like to say that too!.... @SwingleBobbi: I want to say thank you to the @NASCARNation for helping @mw55 stay on #DWTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
mw55 Yes because we're serious, but we like to party... @SharlottewithS: @mw55 confused. U and @emmaslaterdance doing foxtrot as Tarzan an Jane?
mw55 We get really happy when we hear @mw55 and @emmaslaterdance You are safe! #JumpForJoy! #GoodCatchMike… http://t.co/3MHUVSqBsH
mw55 23lbs.... @ktodd1116: @mw55 @EmmaSlaterDance @DancingABC That's impressive. how much weight you've lost since the beginning of the season?
mw55 RT @DancingABC: "I felt that was a Mr. Worldwide move." - @mw55 #DWTS
mw55 RT @TasteOfCountry: .@tylerfarr is headlining a 2015 tour for a good cause! http://t.co/nXzYCYDSTR http://t.co/nXzYCYDSTR
mw55 It was an awesome run KC. Thanks for the entertainment! #3
mw55 You sound like some judges I know..... @TheOrangeCone: I am going sit here and harshly judge each and every one of you today.

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