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Michael Waltrip

Retired Race car driver. Well, semi-retired.

25,666 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-24-2009


mw55 I loved it. Thru the city!... @TheOrangeCone: @mw55 I forgot you ran in that @ARCA_Racing street race in DesMoines! How much fun was that?
mw55 Thank you..... @BrandonHenders8: @mw55 Just finished reading "In The Blink Of An Eye". Great book.”
mw55 I love cars. I'm a car enthusiast. The way they look, the way they sound.
mw55 Dale thought why would you anything if you can't win.
mw55 'What do you mean Dale?' He said 'Some of those runners are already done and he's still got 10 miles to go!' Dale was following on the net
mw55 It was 2000, raced @TalladegaSuperS on Sunday then flew to #Boston About 2:30 in Dale called Buffy and asked 'What wrong w Michael?'
mw55 I ran The @bostonmarathon once. Such an amazing day. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that are there today. #BostonStrong
mw55 Chips bud... @HermieSadler: Marathon question ....How do they figure the official times of those that start way behind the actual start line
mw55 Good night America. Good night Canada. Hope you had a blessed Easter. I did. May the 1st thing you smell in the AM be a cup @TimHortons
mw55 And then he makes it. @PGATOUR #TheseGuysAreGood #kuuuuch
mw55 It was great!... @MCarronG: Loved getting to meet @mw55 & his family at my Easter Brunch at @ThePeninsulaClb today!! I hope you enjoyed it!
mw55 You too!..... @ArenaRN: @mw55 Happy Easter to you and all the Waltrip family. May you have a wonderful and blessed day!”
mw55 We love you too daughter!..... @CaitlinWaltrip: @mw55 she's beautiful! Love you both”
mw55 She said I love steve! Happy Easter buddy..... @stevewariner: @mw55 give her a big hug for me! Happy Easter.”
mw55 Easter lunch with family. Mom in her beautiful peach by dad's car. I know he's smiling down on us.… http://t.co/2YgzFWSfTK
mw55 Thank you.... @barbjshows: @mw55 finished your book I laughed then cried was not a #nascar fan back in 2001 very personal #respect I ?? you
mw55 #RIP uncle.. @KatHunter05: @mw55 @MWRteam thank you my uncle got this for me before he passed. you were his favorite he loved Star Wars
mw55 That's sweet! Send it to @MWRteam !..... @KatHunter05: @mw55 Michael how do i go getting my star trek car signed http://t.co/2IpOjkJ889”

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