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Michael Waltrip

This is a happy place. ??

29,139 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-24-2009


mw55 Goodnight or good morning. Wherever you are! ??????????????
mw55 I got to have a shot of the ole Troubadours, set em up Joe and play walking the floor #Vern http://t.co/wwN5GjSoV5
mw55 RT @dalepartridge: Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.
mw55 Looks like I'm going to be pulling out the ole poly-blend onesie for @DancingABC Tuesday night. Tune in for the big finale. @EmmaSlaterDance
mw55 Julie and @RobinSlater121 you guys are the fruit of the earth. So happy meeting @EmmaSlaterDance parents. You done good there. ?? Cheers!
mw55 Fyi, that hurt!.... @loganv891: Never seen this till today! @mw55 M Waltrip Crash at Bristol. Official Foota…: http://t.co/QYuFO3sSpF”
mw55 What's a git Miss Birmingham?..... @EmmaSlaterDance: @mw55 @DancingABC omg!!! You git!”
mw55 The @DancingABC finale rehearsal continues. I never know what she's doing over there. @EmmaSlaterDance http://t.co/KUKfHL72lJ
mw55 Christmas balls, Christmas balls. I love this time of year. http://t.co/viu7KPuO7J
mw55 Now let's not get crazy friend. You were right earlier. The left turns effected the feet!.. @j_benntt: @mw55 actually U got some moves bro!”
mw55 Let's see, Looking for a unique Christmas gift for a friend? Call @MWRteam they will do the rest. #InTheBlinkofanEye http://t.co/7giOlyE4wu
mw55 Good morning or good night. Wherever you are.
mw55 You don't get poor by giving, you get richer.
mw55 So I'd like to ask you to do this please. #Movember2014 @edlauk http://t.co/ZzLRtAsVWi If you give, I'll http://t.co/bJS3qw0oXj http://t.co/bJS3qw0oXj
mw55 We were totally different. But we were the same. Thinking about my friend today. http://t.co/35xp0dfFD4
mw55 I'm @DancingABC Tuesday night with @EmmaSlaterDance I'm happy about that. Give me a RT if you're going to watching!
mw55 I had a great day. I hope you did too.
mw55 RT @StartNParkBlog: Brian Cleary has some great old time #NASCAR photos on his site, including this one of @mw55 and his mullet from '90 ht…
mw55 So one of my fav songs all time is 1000 Faces by @RandyMontana Randy's NEW EP "Put me in a box" is on iTunes now! Check it out. It's awesome
mw55 Axel, if you butt into this case it'll be the longest vacation you ever heard of. http://t.co/PGpFOB21yV
mw55 Man! I was just looking for a Vietnamise Restaurant. And I found a French Vietnamise one. http://t.co/gQ1cWor3VF

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