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Michael Waltrip

This is a happy place. ??

28,393 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-24-2009


mw55 RT @MWRteam: We have over 100 high school students in the FIRST Robotics program here tonight. Watch out current NASCAR engineers! http://t…
mw55 Happy birthday to my dear friend and @MWRteam partner @kauffmanrob Have a great day with @maryk227 and the other car lovers.
mw55 Thinking about you today my Canadian friends. ?? http://t.co/kJmymnnx0s
mw55 Amen brother! That's a great message...... @dalepartridge: In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.”
mw55 RT @PhoenixRaceway: We teamed up w/ @HWRaffle to give away a package to the Camping World 500! Enter for free at http://t.co/Pz9dHHQpMG htt…
mw55 Let's raise money for some great causes y'all! @feedthechildren @FollowMRO Who's ready for another great @WaltripBrothers event! @vancolley
mw55 RT @RodneyAtkins: "@DHopperfield Debuting @RodneyAtkins "Eat, Sleep, Love You Repeat" right now http://t.co/McC1frUXJH #CountryMusic #newm…
mw55 RT @EmmaSlaterDance: Flying to Nashville, my first ever trip there. Heard so many great things, can't wait ?? @mw55… http://t.co/qJ4tAJDndx
mw55 RT @KansasStrong: It's a good morning knowing that Michael Waltrip will be dancing again next week on Dancing with the Stars!
mw55 Hello @AllWaltrip We are leaving LA headed your way. Can we bring you anything? @EmmaSlaterDance
mw55 RT @maddyemartin: Excited to head off to Nashville today for @WaltripBrothers golf! Thanks @AllWaltrip and @mw55 for having me! #nascar
mw55 We're the 8 best friends that anyone could have. #itsybitsy @emmaslaterdance http://t.co/zcCyGQKf7h
mw55 Dancing with a cone. @emmaslaterdance made me look good Orange Cone, now she's working on you.… http://t.co/rdN0beaDQi
mw55 RT @TalladegaSuperS: AWESOME! RT @GEICO: Check out this shot of this weekend's #GEICO500! This @GEICOSkytyper show was amazing! http://t.co…
mw55 Is Doug on the roof again?.. @vancolley: .@AllWaltrip @mw55 Gorgeous day out on the roof of The Factory!!! Tomorrow http://t.co/CY68U5g8K0”
mw55 RT @EmmaSlaterDance: If you missed @mw55 amazing Argentine Tango last night on #DWTS here's the link. We got our highest scores! ?? http://t…
mw55 In no way does the fact @dennyhamlin is attending the @WaltripBrothers Charity championship golf event have any bearing on me picking him
mw55 We love visiting you bud... @ABC7George: #DWTS & @EmmaSlaterDance didn't make it my way. I'd give them a demerit but they had to rehearse.

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