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Michael Waltrip

This is a happy place. ??

27,574 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 06-24-2009


mw55 Thank you another Amy!.... @lilracegirl: @mw55 Congrats!!! U passed that finish line keep up the great dancing :-)”
mw55 Thank you!.... @AmyMac1980: @mw55 Congrats!!!! Happy to see ya moving on to next week!!!! Knock em Dead!!!”
mw55 This means Sunday night Mr Chow is in order!... @chipcass: @mw55 Way to go Mikey! On to dance another day.”
mw55 Love ya buddy! ????... @Kenny_Wallace: Hello @mw55 BIG CONGRATS on moving on with #DWTS Stay Dancing friend??????????”
mw55 Thank you buddy!.... @racrboi90: @mw55 Great job on #DWTS Mikey! :)”
mw55 Wow!... @Basso488: 26 years ago @mw55 won (1st Win) 1988 Bgn 200 @MonsterMile #NASCAR Busch Grand National Race #204 http://t.co/aOgZH8oEY5”
mw55 Nothing's changed. I will continue to pray for Tony and the Ward family.
mw55 Think I'll dance over and check it out!.... @WholeFoods: @mw55 Totally worth the effort!”
mw55 RT @NapaRonCapps: Um.. Things I said last night I thought I'd never utter. Honey, I can't wait to see @mw55 and @Randy_Couture dance next …
mw55 I'm pretty sure it's fixin to get real over there. @WholeFoods #parkinglot http://t.co/gY7UnTcAEq
mw55 RT @MyAFibStory: @mw55 Thx for supporting the @MW55 #AFib campaign. Plz reply back w/ #agree, if u agree to the terms of photo use http://t…
mw55 The absolute best part of my @dancingabc experience week one was sharing it with these 2. I won no… http://t.co/lvcUD9fvCx
mw55 RT @kingsthings: Professional race car driver @mw55 will be joining me to discuss @DancingABC & #AfibAwareness month. Any questions? http:/…
mw55 RT @peakauto: Did you have time to check out the PEAK gallery at http://t.co/wVhQtDfelW to see if your photo made @mw55 @MWRteam @Clin… @Clin…
mw55 RT @LadyRealtree: @mw55 I was pleasantly surprised by your performance last night! I hope you found a bathroom :) you've got my vote!!
mw55 Scotchy scotch scotch.... @Ron_White: My favorite color is scotch.”
mw55 @JimmieJohnson thanks for tuning in 6X. The wardrobe malfunction has been corrected and I'm ready to dance ahead and not focus on my behind
mw55 RT @amsupdates: RT @mwrteam: 30 more minutes to vote and keep @mw55 on @DancingABC! #VoteMW #DWTS! Head here to vote>> http://t.co/6uqiNdtY…
mw55 RT @NASCAR: Get 'em in, folks! MT @MWRteam 30 more min to vote and keep @mw55 on @DancingABC! #VoteMW #DWTS! Vote here: http://t.co/5vEqx…
mw55 There's still 20 minutes to vote for @EmmaSlaterDance and I at @GitRDoneLarry: @GitRDoneLarry: dude rocks a dancin' fire suit....

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