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Kevin Harvick

Keelan's Dad DeLana's Husband

11,361 tweets
Date added on Tweeting-Athletes.com: 07-21-2009


KevinHarvick “@CheckersHockey: Game on! @KevinHarvick http://t.co/51BowN7huq” cool to do things like this @KeelanHarvick! @KeelanHarvick!
KevinHarvick “@CheckersHockey: .@KevinHarvick and son Keelan meet @SkeeterWoods21 before warmups @KeelanHarvick @KeelanHarvick likes the helmet!
KevinHarvick RT @bobdillner: .@KevinHarvick is not retiring - in fact, he & I will be @CheckersHockey game tonight w/ his @StewartHaasRcng championship …
KevinHarvick Fun day with @RickyCarmichael at his farm! @KeelanHarvick took his first ride on a motorcycle with the GOAT! http://t.co/YCslSo41CU
KevinHarvick RT @CheckersHockey: Don't forget - at Thursday's Pit Crew Night, you could win an autographed Race jersey directly from @KevinHarvick! http…
KevinHarvick RT @CheckersHockey: For the first time, we'll also be offering $1 Budweiser in addition to Bud Light in honor of @KevinHarvick! #ThirstyThu…
KevinHarvick Not everyday you go to an appearance and get a new TMNT costume as a gift so I thought I'd share! http://t.co/67KCeVEHC8
KevinHarvick RT @nascarcasm: As many who were there when Kate Upton was grand marshal will attest, pitching a massive tent at a track is nothing new. #n…
KevinHarvick “@PGAShowMike: What to know how to drive your golf cart @EZGOvehicles booth 2431 ask @NASCAR Champ @KevinHarvick http://t.co/rIl0Qa2MxX”????
KevinHarvick RT @LittleFrisch: The first 1,000 @KevinHarvick fan club kits are ready for the mail man! Only 3,000+ to go! http://t.co/i3YeiNGxhH
KevinHarvick “@heath_hamilton: @KevinHarvick @jhite11 Kevin, just heard you are changing to #23 next year!!” Also moving to F1.
KevinHarvick RT @EZGOvehicles: Are you at the #PGAShow? Take a pit stop from 10 am - 12 pm at the #EZGO booth 2431 to meet NASCAR Champion @KevinHarvick…
KevinHarvick “@58buckeye: The look I want to give @KevinHarvick for being a Flyers fan http://t.co/ehWpefljcF” I'm not! @JeffCarter_77 @JeffCarter_77 @LAKings @LAKings
KevinHarvick “@DeLanaHarvick: My job today.... "Keep signing @KevinHarvick!" #hehatesme #thefanswill??me http://t.co/D6wGwRmGJg” ????
KevinHarvick RT @EZGOvehicles: Drive by the #EZGO booth 2431 at the #PGAShow tomorrow at 10am to meet NASCAR Champion @KevinHarvick! #covernewground htt…
KevinHarvick “@jhite11: @KevinHarvick I just got this today. I've been a fan for over 15 years. What do you think? http://t.co/EZ8XnhIGAP” looks good!
KevinHarvick Good times in Boston! Thanks to the fans who came out for all the events! Ready for the Daytona 500!! #NASCAR
KevinHarvick RT @KHIManagement: MT @jeff_gluck: How does @KevinHarvick watch his @UFC fighters? Like a regular fan, except a lot more nervous http://t.c…
KevinHarvick .@Cowboycerrone doing everything anyone asks and wins his 7th straight! About time for a title shot @ufc.

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