About Me

Food is life’. This is often the line that I usually hear from my friend every time we travel, and check out the local dining scene. Yes, just like other young professionals out there, we love to travel, and we love food. Just like other women our age, we also love fashion, the hip clothes of the season and gossiping about cute guys and band members. But what truly rocks our world is food-good vegan food. When my other friends and colleagues go crazy on pasta, pizza and red meat, I spend my time planning my next food adventure to search for the best vegan food experience, and share it with you.

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%d0%bd%d1%8211This blog is all about vegan food, the best vegan restaurants in London and my recommendations. I have conceptualized this page as a platform and a venue not just for my writings, but also for my passion for food. Here, you can find why vegan food is life, and why healthy living begins with a vegan diet. Explore and use this blog to learn more about my current favourites, from smoothie bowls made from dragon fruit pulp, bananas, vegan milk and lots of ice topped with coconut flakes to seaweed and kale. From time to time, this blog will also review some of the best vegan restaurants and eateries in and around London, in the hope of helping other people appreciate the vegan diet and lifestyle.

When not writing for this blog, I work on my post-graduate degree in Humanities, and currently teaching as well. You will see me in cafes and in bookstores, rummaging through the books and cookbooks, in the hope of finding the next best vegan recipe I can whip out in my kitchen to impress my partner, and hopefully share with my readers.

Join me in my quest for good food

So, I invite you to explore and read my blog, and see what vegetables and other healthy food options can do for you. By reading and following my adventures, you will soon discover that food is not just eaten to satisfy your hunger pangs; vegetables and other healthy food options can help you live a healthier life and become full and satisfied.

Join me in my food haunts and adventures, and discover a healthy eating lifestyle that works. Soon you will gain the same realization made by my friend – that food is life, and going vegan is better.

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