How to maintain your health

Health is something that can be taken for granted. When we start losing it, it’s hard to believe we’ve spent so much time without appreciating it. To make sure you stay as healthy as possible, we’ve put together a guide to help you do it – describe your physical, mental and spiritual health. Why else would you want to live?

Healthy food

Highlight fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet is one that is full of vitamins, nutrients and colors (in addition to a balanced one). And the easiest way to do this is to stack fruits and vegetables on top of each other. They’re nutritious, but they don’t have a lot of calories – which means you can eat bundles and bundles without ruining your waistline, and that’s good for you. And of course: the fresher, the better!

Most fruits and vegetables are good for you, but some are undoubtedly better for you than others. If you really want to bring Mother Earth closer to strength, add kale, spinach, carrots, celery, cranberries, blueberries and pineapple to next week’s grocery store. There are also all the colors of the rainbow!

Add lean meats, low-fat dairy products and whole grains.

As good as fruits and vegetables are, you need other things to mix and keep in balance. If you are looking for meat, dairy products or pasta, choose lean meats, low fat dairy products and whole grain pasta. It usually means white meat (without skin), low-fat or low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt, and brown pasta, quinoa and oats.
When it comes to grains, the browner, the better. White grains should not be in the diet. When it is white, it is processed and all nutrients are removed. Then there are just empty carbs.

Dispose of treated waste.

If it’s in the package, chances are it’s not very good for you. And if it’s in a package that doesn’t age for years, it doubles. As it turns out, the FDA doesn’t even regulate all things related to it, and your body doesn’t regulate additives! They are not even identified as things like food. Your body just stores them without knowing what to do with them. Putrid.
The FDA also does not regulate all brands. Words and expressions such as “completely natural”, “free-flowing”, “additive-free” and “pure” are just statements that companies can make without retaliation. So if you buy something packaged that makes an argument that seems impossible … it’s possible.

Press H2O.

If you’re looking for a miracle on earth, the water is probably the closest. Get moisture and almost all parts stay healthy – skin, hair and nails, organs and even your mind. And you can also lose weight! Studies show that you can lose 5 kg a year simply by increasing your water intake by about a liter a day.
Part of the reason for weight loss is that drinking water makes you feel full, but drinking cold water also increases your metabolism. Drinking cold water (exactly 17 grams) can actually increase your metabolism by 30% in 10-40 minutes. Then ice a cold workout and you can burn even more calories.

Cook properly.

Once you’ve got all the trash treated, you’ll inevitably spend more time in the kitchen and end up making good use of your Food Network passive viewers. Cooking is a great fit for your budget, skills and waistline, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

If possible, go as raw as possible. Frozen and canned vegetables are all great, but the raw is so much better. No nutrients have been removed from the treatment. Use the right type of oil, such as olives or safflower. They are full of the right types of fats. Do the same with cheeses, butter and sandwiches – try to find a lighter version of their low-fat counterparts.

Avoid frying and mixing foods. Chicken is good for you, but not if it’s covered in cereal, fried in fatty oil and topped with sugar-like spices. Don’t salt food! The American Heart Association recommends keeping your salt intake below 1500 mg per day. Day. It sounds possible until you realize that one teaspoon is 2300 mg. [2] Oof.


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