10 Most Popular Websites to Get You Active and Exercising

A recent study has revealed that the most popular types of websites on the web are the following

1. Exercise Sites
2. Casino and Slot Sites
3. Recipe Sites

How exciting that exercise sites are in the top 3! It means that people are actively looking for help, tips, ideas and more on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. So we thought we’d go one step further and identify the ones which we think are the best to get you started.

Anyone who is really committed to the idea of starting to workout has the option of doing it even without leaving the house. No more having to take the car, pack up gym clothes, towel and workout shoes. You don’t have to shower at the gym or make locker room conversation with that annoying lady who keeps trying to socialize when you are already in a hurry. Not to mention no longer having to spend money on a gym subscription.

And with all these plus sides, there was bound to be a down side. In this case, the down side is the fact that there are so many workout sites out there, that you don’t know which one to choose. But we are here to help.

10 Most Popular Workout Websites

1. Spark People

Spark People is a community with 8 million subscribers. This means that so many people put their faith in the workout programs featured here. The great thing about it is that they have 10-12-minute routines, which are perfect when you have some time, but not enough to cover a full hour of Aerobics, Pilates or anything else. And since we are on the subject, you have a variety of types of workout from Cardio to Abs, Yoga and Pilates. This website systematically takes down all the excuses you used in the past to skip a workout session. Need more reasons to sign up? Here is one more: it’s free.

2. Daily Burn

The website is not just about getting you to move your body. It’s about providing a full life-style change schedule. This includes customized workout plans, daily routines, recipes and advice from nutritionists. Treat this as a full knowledge base and you will also remember to stay hydrated, avoid muscle cramps and improve your overall health, not just your physical aspect. One small downside is that you will have to pay for this service. But it is well worth it, since it is one of the very best out there.

3. Bodyrock.tv

Another free online workout resource is Bodyrock.tv. Since it was among the first such websites on the market, you can only expect it to have a considerable number of followers and people who swear by these routines. It’s not necessarily the routines themselves, but your commitment to doing them. These may be the best exercises, but they only work if you do them. The workouts are fairly easy to follow, but some may be a bit intense. After all, this is the main reason why their suggested routines work: they really make you sweat.

4. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender offers users a lot of structure. We could even say it was designed with people who quit easily in mind. Why do we say this? Because it is so well thought-up to keep people committed and into things, that they must have had some very good real-life models. There are two options of programs, for people who know what they are doing, and for people who need a lot more motivation. The later will cost about $14.99 but it will offer a lot of structure and valuable content.

5. Jessica Smith TV

Jessica Smith is every bit how a personal trainer should be. And if you choose to do her routine in the privacy of your home, you don’t even have to share her attention with other people at the gym, like those who keep dropping things or asking silly questions. All jokes aside, her short and long routines are effective and well-constructed. Definitely worth giving them a try!

6. Do Yoga with Me

A number of qualified instructors, advice on poses and proper breathing, information on anatomy and the benefits of every exercise – this is what you are getting from a Do Yoga with Me session. And did we mention this is all free of charge? All you need is will to follow through and you could easily correct your posture, improve your body tone and your overall health. All routines are properly classified in beginner, intermediate and advanced groups and you can even preview them to see whether it is something you’d feel comfortable doing or not.

7. BeFit

BeFit is a very popular platform for fitness enthusiasts. It’s not only for people trying to get started, but also for people making an effort to keep the pounds off. You will find information on circuit training, cardio, toning, fat loss, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Tabata and Core Strength. More than just a training platform, BeFit is a community where you can log in and make comments, connect with YouTube or Google+ accounts. This would be one way to socialize while working out at home, right?

8. eFit30

eFit30 is all about keeping your home workouts convenient and accessible. This being said, know that they offer specific exercise videos, 20 to 40 minutes in length or even shorter, if you are into a more focused approach to training. You can choose between following specific exercise instructions and doing full routines.

9. Barre3

One of the more elegant forms of workout, Barre3 combines ballet, yoga and Pilates. If you have never done either of the three, this might not be the workout for you. Also, for some, having taken ballet lessons is a prerequisite for doing this type of exercise. Another thing worth mentioning is that, while the routine is generally low-impact and seems relaxing, it will still make your muscles shake to hold their own.

10. SBF Streaming

This is short for Suzanne Bowen Fitness. This option combines the best of doing things at home and still having a trainer yell out live instructions and keep you pumped. The classes are done through live streaming, so you really feel you are part of something, without the stress of having to leave your home for it.
If a while back people were limited by the choice of type of exercises, now they can do anything at home. From Pilates to Yoga, from Kickboxing to Tae Bo and Ballet. Technically, there is no excuse for not getting off the couch and onto the floor. It’s free, it’s intimate, you don’t have to dress for it, do your hair or make up for it, and you get to shower in your own home. When it’s over, you just get back to your daily activities, without having to drive anywhere, make small talk or carry around a bag of sweaty gym clothes. Win-win-win-win-win!