Vegan restaurants in London you have to try out

The restaurant culture in the city of London is alive and well, thanks to the availability of high-end and competent restaurants that can be checked out. Also, the competitiveness and the richness of the food offerings in London can be found in the number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the area. According to the last count by food experts and connoisseurs, there are at least 65 Michelin-starred restaurants in the city, making the city of London one of the best destinations when it comes to good food and the conversations that come with it. The lists include a restaurant by Gordon Ramsay, one of the best-known chefs in the world. Also, the city of London is considered a foodie’s haven, thanks to the availability of mobile food carts- food destinations in their own rights that help define the food culture of London. But aside from these usual food destinations and cuisine, London has another surprise for the foodie, especially those who care for their health-vegan food. If you check out the food culture and the restaurant landscape in the city, you will easily discover some famed and highly-recommended vegan restaurants in London that you have to try out. Here are three vegan restaurants worth your time, and attention.


%d0%bd%d1%8212Get a taste of Peruvian cuisine when in London at the Andina. This vegan restaurant is devoid of pretentious designs and other architectural details. Instead, what diners and guests will get from this restaurant is classic Peruvian food, inspired by the Peruvian Andes. What is great about this restaurant is that it also offers guests with an opportunity to learn more about the culture of the Andes, thanks to the use of contemporary art, arts and crafts and textiles. This means that when you book a table at the Andina, you get to enjoy food for all senses. This restaurant is actually one of those restaurants that popularized Peruvian food in London, and it became successful by offering the best and most affordable dishes. One popular food entry at the Andina is ceviche- a dish made from raw fish (fresh from the sea), that is marinated in citrus juice, and complemented with choice dressing and chili. In most cases, the ceviche is topped with spring onions, which can serve as a great entry or palate-cleanser. For lunch, guests can nibble on choice selections of crunchy corn, avocado fritters and Sangrecita, a combination of Peruvian black pudding, rocoto chilli and onions. Also, this restaurant also offers a treat for music lovers, since this place is run by a former DJ.

Ceviche Soho

If you love to go Vegan when it London and want to do it in the most stylish manner, then it is recommended to book a table at the Ceviche Soho. Just like the popular Andina, Ceviche Soho also offers the best in Peruvian food, and its ceviche is complemented by other popular food options like grilled meats and bar. Again, the star at the Ceviche Soho is the ceviche, a dish that is freshly prepared in front of the customers at the Ceviche Bar. And since this is also a vegan foodie hangout, customers and guests at the Ceviche Soho can count on rich greens on the sides. Guests who order ceviche can count on side dishes like avocado with lightly spiced chicken, corn cakes and other fresh garden produce.

222 Veggie Vegan

%d0%bd%d1%8213For those who are strict vegetarians and want only the best food offerings, then seats and a table at 222 Veggie Vegan serves as a great option. Located in West Kensington, this vegan restaurant has been offering vegetarian fare since 2004. the kitchen boasts only the most fresh ingredients sourced locally, and to inspire more vegetarians out there, all dishes and the menu of 222 Veggie Vegan are low in salt, low-fat, organic and non-GM. The restaurant also promises not to microwave or deep-fry their food selections, making this restaurant truly a vegan haven.