Yoga for beginners

When it comes to healthy exercises that brings physical, mental and emotional benefits, then yoga easily crops in the discussion. As an exercise discipline that started in ancient India, yoga offers its practitioners with a less strenuous exercise routine. Yoga is actually a collection of exercises, anchored on a variety of disciplines and health goals. If you are looking to tap into yoga as an exercise routine and to enjoy the health benefits that come with this practice, it is important that you know the different types of yoga exercises that can be performed at home or at the office. Here is a collection of the different types of yoga, and how each type can help your body and health.

Hatha yoga, best for yoga beginners

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular types of yoga, and this is primarily known for different yoga styles. And in this type of yoga, the poses that a person can make are simple and unhurried, making this type of yoga the best option for beginners. The great thing about Hatha yoga is that it also focuses on your breathing, allowing practitioners like you to relax and meditate. Keep in mind that in this type of yoga, you are also expected to chant. According to experts that study Hatha yoga, women who practices this type of yoga can easily recover from a tired body and stress.

Power and Ashtanga yoga, great for weight loss

When weight loss matters and you need to prioritize your cardio sessions, then these two types of yoga are your best bets. Be ready to test your physical limits with these types of yoga since you will be moving from one pose to another, without the benefit of rest. This high-intensity approach to yoga will help individuals help burn more calories, up to 500 calories every 60 minutes. Between these two types of yoga, the Ashtanga is more traditional, which means that this type will require practitioners to do some chanting, before taking in a few poses that should be maintained for minutes. But in Power yoga, participants should change the pose, and the spiritual requirement is less pronounced.

Yin yoga to relax and chill out

%d0%bd%d1%8214Inspired by the yin and the yang, this type of yoga exercise is best for individuals and practitioners who simply want to enjoy this ancient Indian exercise without putting too much stress on the body. The basics of this yoga require the participants to slowly move into different poses, and these poses are normally done while lying down or seated. Once the correct position has been achieved, the participant is expected to hold the pose for a few minutes. This is highly recommended if you are looking to activate your nervous system, and address the stress and pain in the body. This type of yoga also allows participants to focus on breathing, and to listen to some meditative music.

Protect your body from injuries with Iyengar yoga

The poses that are performed in Iyengar yoga are more relaxed and studied, thus protecting the participants from potential injuries. Also, this yoga type can also help participants recover from certain injuries. This activity is less stressful and painful to the body since participants are given the chance to pause in between poses.

Other health benefits that you can get from beginner yoga

There are also other general benefits that can be gained in the constant practice of yoga. Aside from its calorie-burning capabilities, frequent yoga exercises and poses can help the person achieve serenity and fight stress. Several studies have validated the stress-fighting capabilities of yoga, and in the process, can also help promote serenity and peace within the person. And according to some health experts, frequent yoga exercises can also help a person recover from injuries. In short, beginner yoga is one of the best exercises that can work for a person looking for a holistic health benefits.